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Italian Seafood Art

Do you want to eat the delicacies of the sea, directly on the sea, and in so many tasty ways? Then go to Cretcheu and prepare for a taste of flavors!


The specialities

At Cretcheu LOBSTER is the STAR of the kitchen... and your taste buds!

The restaurant

Directly on the beach, facing the sea, in a UNIQUE location

Cretcheu is a open air Restaurant and Lounge Bar overlooking the beach and pier in Santa Maria - Sal Island. With us you can enjoy a friendly environment with live music. You are welcome to try our speciality, a refined variety of lobster dishes and the freshest fish coming from the blue turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.



The wonderful location!

Sal seems a golden pearl of sand in the middle of the turquoise-blue ocean. A flat desert landscape and dry valleys. But little oases, salt marches and dormant volcanoes also distinguish the appearance of the island.
Santa Maria is surrounded by white sand that stretches along glassy turquoise waters—perfect for a lazy day of sunning or some heart-pumping water sports.

Cretcheu Views

.. Cretcheu Aerial View
.. Seafront Salt Smell
.. Italian Management Capoverdian Hospitality
.. Sandy Tables VID (Very Important Day) Reservation

Enjoy the events

Keep an eye on what's happening here!

If you willing to experience some Cape-Verdean culture, our site is a must be. Every evening we offer a live music session with the best National and International musicians.

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